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Bee Happy Animal Care & Transport, L.L.C.



Jovana has always had a deep passion for animals and understanding their individual behaviors. She successfully trained and showed horses all the way through attending North Carolina State University, where she earned a degree in Animal Science, and a minor in Genetics. 

While attending NCSU, she started working at a local small animal veterinary hospital, where her interest of dog behavior began. She spent her free time helping a local dog rescue rehabilitate the dogs in their care before being placed in new homes. 

She joined the exciting and challenging world of dog sports after adopting a dog with behavioral issues. Through dog sports, she was able to help him gain confidence and become a well adjusted member of society. Since, she has trained and competed with dogs in flyball, disc, weight pull, and Mondioring. 

She shares her home with Rally, a Belgian Malinois and Rita, an American Staffordshire Terrier. Rally is her running partner, competes in disc and the sport of Mondioring. Rita is currently competing in disc, she is training to compete in weight pull, and has earned multiple trick dog titles. They have both earned their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) titles.

We are proud to be a part of

FluidK9 Dog Training located in Cary, NC.


Our Best Paw Forward Program is designed to give your new family member all of the necessary skills to become a well mannered pup. 


This is a 2 week program best suited for puppies 10 wks of age, all the way up to 16 weeks of age.


While with us, your puppy will live in our home alongside our personal dogs. They will experience proper puppy socialization and structure, and will be set up with a foundation for continued obedience training.


Skills covered in the two weeks with us:


- Crate training

- Potty training foundation

- Car riding skills

- Engagement

- Name recognition/recall 

- Leash manners foundation

- Proper puppy socialization 

- Proper handling (getting them comfortable with being handled for medical exams, picked up, nails trimmed, etc.)

You will receive regular updates in the form of texts and/or videos. At the end of the two weeks, we will spend the appropriate amount of time going over what your puppy has learned ensuring that you understand how to continue their training once they're at home. Keeping up with the skills your puppy has learned and continuing their training will be imperative to their continued success as a part of your family.

Cost for our BEST PAW FORWARD 2 week puppy foundations program is $1,590.

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